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Driving Lessons in Wanstead

Your driving licence is waiting for you. Get in touch with BNG Driving today to start your driving journey today!

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New Learner Drivers

If you have your provisional licence and are ready to start learning to drive, let's get started. With BNG Driving we are dedicated to producing the best and safest drivers so that you can be confident in what you are doing and feel good about taking on the road. So let's get your licence

Licence Holders

​If you are already a licence holder and feel you could benefit from one of our add-on courses, do not hesitate to get in touch! We currently offer:

  • Pass Plus

  • Advanced Driver Training

  • Refresher Lessons

  • Motorway Lessons

These additional courses can help with nervous drivers, drivers who want to be more confident, perhaps on the motorway or people, that may want a refresher after not driving for a while. An advantage of our Pass Plus and Advanced Driver training is that they can also reduce your annual premium for your car insurance.

cars on motorway Image by Robert Calvert
van driving down road

Fleet Driving Lessons

If your job or company requires you to drive a work vehicle like a van, we are qualified in fleet training. This training is to ensure you as an employee are safe and able to manoeuvre your work vehicle efficiently and avoid risk. If you as a company would like to put our employees through our fleet training course, please contact us!

Get your licence with us!

Ready to get on the road? BNG Driving in Wanstead is here to get you prepared to take on the road and make sure you are a safe and confident driver. Whether it's for work, extra confidence or just to get started, you are in good hands with us!

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